Robert J. Kenney to Speak on U.S. Trademark Law at Symposium in India

Falls Church, VA, San Diego, CA - August 24, 2010 - Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP (BSKB) announced today that partner Robert J. Kenney will be speaking at the Institute of Intellecutal Property Research and Development (IIPRD) Symposium, September 9-11 in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, India.

The Symposium is titled, “Positioning & Leveraging Trademark Portfolios in Global Business Scenarios”, and focuses on best-practices for trademark and branding issues on an international level. Mr. Kenney will be lecturing on vital steps in building cost-effective and efficient trademark portfolios in the U.S., and strategies for extending protection into multiple geographies. The Symposium includes trademark experts from Germany, China, Japan and India.

Mr. Kenney stated, “I look forward to participating in this conference and to sharing my 25 years of trademark experience with practitioners from other countries.” He added, “Conferences like this are a wonderful opportunity to share our collective expertise and enable us to better advise clients on global trademark issues and ultimately, avoid infringement and costly litigation.”

The aim of this Symposium is to emphasize to all participants that intellectual property, including trademarks, is often the most valuable asset of a corporation. It is imperative that organizations develop a formula that protects their brand and enables them to successfully pursue and defend infringement claims when necessary. This Symposium offers valuable information to assist participants in developing a protection plan for their organization’s trademarks.

The Institute of Intellectual Property Research and Development, India is among the leading IP Consulting and Education firms in India and had conducted over 50 seminars and symposiums with top Indian government entities and many others for Industry at large. For more information go to

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