Common Citation Document to Reduce Need for IDS Filings

November 11, 2011 - During the 29th Annual Trilateral Conference of the USPTO, the EPO and the JPO, which was held in France from November 7-10, 2011, a new Common Citation Document (CCD) initiative was agreed upon by the three offices. The new CCD initiative will permit the public and the USPTO, EPO and JPO to post prior art documents in a common location in electronic form for applications for the same invention pending simultaneously in the three offices. A general discussion of the provisions of the CCD is available on the EPO website.

It is anticipated that the new CCD will eliminate the need for filing an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) in the USPTO to cite documents to the US Examiner from the EPO or JPO.

The USPTO will implement rules with regard to the new CCD initiative. It is our view that the new CCD initiative will greatly reduce the need to file IDSs for applications for the same invention that are pending in the EPO or the JPO. In addition, it is expected that the CCD initiative will be expanded to include South Korea and China.

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Summary provided by James M. Slattery